Privacy Statement

MLP Real Estate knows that your privacy is very important to you. When it comes to your information, we follow some straightforward principles. We aim to be clear about the data we collect and why.
Please note that MLP Real Estate reserves the right to update or change this privacy notice at any time. If it is updated or changed during the service, we are providing you with, we will notify you via our website and provide a link to our new data privacy policy.
What information do we collect?It is the nature of the services we provide that requires us to collect and process personal data. This will, at a minimum, include:
• Your name
• Date of birth
• Your address
• Your telephone
• Your email address
• Registration date and period that the object is for sale or for rent
• Income (as tenant for rent a property)
• Description of the property including price (sell or rent)
• Visual material
• Any other relevant information you provide to us
Wherever we do not need to collect personal data to deliver a service we will not do so.
If you don’t provide us with personal data which we need to deliver a service, we’ll try to provide the service, but it may be impossible.
N.B. Please do not provide us with the personal data of anyone else without their permission, unless you have obtained the explicit consent from that person.

How do we use your personal data?
We limit the use of personal data to ensuring we deliver the service you have requested.

  • For renting or selling your property: Online advertising on funda, other online websites, on our website, on printed marketing material
  • For service improvement: such as research and marketing and sales analysis
  • For property valuations: to perform appraisals
  • For sending you information material e.g. newsletters, advertising.
    After that, unless we need it for a particular investigation, we securely destroy records your personal data is contained within in line with our retention schedule. Destruction of paper records is done securely and appropriately.

Security and retention period
MLP Real Estate will ensure that your data is adequately protected against unauthorised use, access, alteration and unlawful destruction. We retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary to deliver you a service.

Inaccuracies and corrections
We would like to keep your personal data accurate and up to date. If you become aware of any errors, noted on our correspondence with you for example, then please let us know by phoning or emailing us.
How to contact us and exercise your rights?
• To receive a copy of your personal data that we hold;
• To ask us to correct any errors; and
• To delete it once we no longer need it.

MLP REAL ESTATE takes your privacy very seriously, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.